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What happens in Miami?

  • All travelers check-in at GLOBAL Church at 9 am.

  • For those traveling from out of town, we recommend you arrive in Miami on Thursday.  Overnight accommodations can be made for travelers at no extra cost.

  • Team members meet each other and their Trip Directors.

  • Friday through Sunday is spent in drama training, team building and specific preparations for each country.

  • Teams fly out of MIA sometime on Sunday or Monday.  Specific travel itineraries will be sent to you during the first days of June.

What should I pack?


Once you send in your application, you will receive a packet with specific instructions. See below for clothing guidelines

What about the water?


Our host missionaries will take care of this for us.  In most cases bottled water is provided and is readily available.

What are the lodging arrangements?


Every country varies.  You may stay at a camp, hotels, missionary homes or churches.  The group will stay together in one place and it will be safe.  It will not be a Hilton, but it will be practical.

Will my parents have a phone number to contact me in case of emergency?


  • Yes.  The first thing they should do is contact the TIME office at 305.620.5111.

  • In-country there may not be a phone where you are staying, but we always have phone numbers to reach the missionary.

What about immunization?


  • All travelers should have a tetanus shot up-to-date.

  • We will inform you if there are any other requirements specific to your country.  

What about insurance?


  • We recommend that each traveler have regular medical insurance; however, most companies require special circumstances for overseas coverage.  Check with your personal policy.

  • NOTE...Any professional medical attention needed while on the trip will be covered by the traveler (or parents) upon the return of the trip.

  • Parents will be notified ASAP if something happens which requires medical attention (sprains, x-rays, etc).

How much spending money show I take?


About $250 for snacks and souvenirs.  Remember you are gone from home for 19 days. 

Cell Phones


  • We understand that many will bring their phones.  However, please know that there will be times when we will have to turn them OFF so we can accomplish our work.  Phones can be used during free time and before curfews.  However, we cannot be responsible for the loss or damage of these phones.

  • We prefer that phones NOT be taken out of the country!  This is to guard against phones being lost or stolen and to stay focused while in-country.  Also, cell phone companies charge much higher rates for international calls. 

Will be able to communicate with home?


YES!  We will try to give you access on a weekly basis if you do not hav.  Remember, phone and internet services are not readily available in each country.  Also, some days you may be on the road traveling to various towns and villages and access will be limited.  Important note:  NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS!

What about laundry?


At every place our host missionary will help us with this.  

DRAMA Clothing


You need to arrive with 1 pair of solid black sneakers and at least 5 pairs of solid black crew socks (NOT ankle socks). 

Is there a dress code? YES


Major Dress Code Points for Everyone 

  • Don't bring clothing with American symbols or slogans (American Flag, "United We Stand," Statue of Liberty, USA, etc.)

  • Don't bring clothing that mentions bands (Secular or Christian), TV Shows or Movies

  • Basketball shorts are not appropriate for anything except sports.

  • Enough underwear and socks to go 8 days between laundry.

Specifics for Girls 

  • No shirts, t-shirts or dresses with spaghetti straps.  Please make sure that all shirts and dresses have full backs.

  • Bathing suits should be 1 piece.

  • Shorts or skirts should be longer than finger tips when arms are placed at sides.

  • Capris or cropped pants are best and less questionable.

  • Shirts should be long enough to not show mid-drift even when arms are raised.

  • At least 1 nice/casual dress or skirt (make sure it's long enough) for church services.

  • Shoes...Consider the average temperature of the country where you will be going.  Bring something nicer than flip-flops for church services.

Specifics for Guys 

  • Should have a couple of nice-casual button down shirts for church services.

  • Should have a pair of Docker-style pants for church services.

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