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General Info


  • Travelers choose the country that most interests them

  • All travelers meet in Miami, Florida for a few days of drama training, team building and other preparations before leaving for their assigned countries.

  • All teams leave for their countries on the same day and return to Miami for a day of debriefing before going home.

  • Teams generally consist of 12-14 travelers and 2 Trip Directors.

  • We do all the work...scheduling, training, air travel, visas and even the fun!  Travelers concentrate on raising their funds and enjoying the experience.

  • Prices for all trips include international airfare, lodging, meals and group activities beginning in Miami.

  • Prices do not include passport, domestic travel, optional activities, snacks or souvenirs. (If there is an additional gas-surcharge added to international airfares, applicants will be notified before tickets are purchased)

  • TIME is a ministry sponsored by GLOBAL Church.  It's Summer Missions Trips are open to others of like faith.


What Happens on a TIME Trip?



  • Sharing Jesus Christ using wordless dramas set to powerful music.  Language is not an issue!



  • Besides dramas, every trip has other avenues of service to go along with the message of salvation.  Such things as volunteering at orphanages, painting public schools, Children's Bible Clubs, youth camps and more are great opportunities to minister.



  • Spending time with them, learning from them and working with them.



  • Setting aside time away from one's daily routine and surroundings to allow for new experiences with God & team members helps one get a larger perspective of life



  • We've done everything from safaris to zip-lining in the rainforest to visiting ancient ruins like Machu Picchu. Every country has its own unique attractions.

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